Funny Joke – An elderly man

An elderly man 82, just returned from the doctors only to find he didn’t have long to live.
So he summons the three most important people in his life to tell.

1- His Doctor

2- His Priest

3- His Lawyer

“Well today I found out I don’t have long to live. So I asked you three here, because your the most important people in my life. And I need to ask a favour. Today I am going to give each of you and envelope with $50,000 dollars in it. When I die, I would ask that all three of you throw the money in my grave.”
Well a few days later the man passed on, The doctor said, “I have to admit I kept $10,000 dollars of his money, he owed me lots of medical bills. But I threw the other $35,000 in.”
The Priest said, “I have to admit also I kept $25,000 dollars for the church. Its all going to a good cause. And I threw the rest in.”
Well the Lawyer just couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “I am surprised at you two. I wrote a check for the whole amount and threw it in.”

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