Authorities are warning people of a new scam being perpetrated at local malls

Latest scam warning.

Authorities are warning people of a new scam being perpetrated at various mall and supermarket car parks.

When the intended victim – almost always male – has loaded their shopping into their car they are approached by two or three female teenagers who will ask or beg for help.

The story is usually that one is trying to get away from an abusive older boyfriend or that they have been at a party where their phones were stolen, and they will ask for a ride.

They will be very convincing, often crying and pleading to be taken to the police station or anywhere.

Once they are in the car, one will make advances on you, pretending to be grateful and wanting to repay you in special favors.

They may offer you themselves, or simply start making out in your car.

Once they have convinced you to help them, while one or more of them are engaged in frisky activity with you, another will steal your wallet, cellphone and any other valuables they can get.

Cases have been reported in various locations around the country,…

Including my local mall, where this happened to me last month, twice last week,…

And again tomorrow.

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