Bubble Bath – Halloween Story

Bubble Bath is a scary little tale about a young girl who has a horrifying experience in her own bathroom.

Jennifer was sitting at the desk in her bedroom, finishing up her homework. She had an exam the next day and needed to study. As she was searching for one of her schoolbooks, she recieved a text message on her cell phone.

She didn’t recognize the number, but the text read: “Take a bubble bath and go to bed its a school night mom.”

She probably ran out of credit and texted me from someone else’s phone, thought Jennifer.

She had already been planning to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath soon anyway, so she undressed, grabbed a clean towel and walked into the bathroom. She stopped in her tracks, surprised. The bathtub had already been filled to the brim.

Hmmm… That’s strange, she thought. I guess Mom filled it in advance.

Shrugging her shoulders, Jennifer dropped the towel and climbed into the bath. Her whole body was submerged before she became aware of a burning sensation all over her skin. Within seconds, the burning feeling got worse and worse until she was crying out in agony.

She jumped out of the bath, but it was too late. To her horror, she saw the water stained red. Blood red. The skin on her arms and legs was beginning to peel off. She looked at her leg and the skin there was peeling off too. Then her chest and stomach began to peel. All the skin on her body was coming off.

Pieces of her skin fell to the floor and she started screaming in pain. Her blood formed a puddle around her on the bathroom floor. In terrible pain, Jennifer opened the door of the bathroom and hobbled out. She made her way to her bedroom. Every step was agony. She left a bloody trail along the carpet.

She picked up her cell phone to call the police but there was a new text message waiting for her.

It read: “Next time, bathe in water.”

Jennifer heard laughter behind her and turned around to find a tall man dressed in black standing in the doorway. He was holding a jagged knife in one hand and an empty container of sulfuric acid in the other.

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