Christmas Joke – A man decides he wants to get his wife a parrot for Christmas

A man decides he wants to get his wife a parrot for Christmas and goes to the local pet store. Being so close to Christmas, there’s only one parrot left, and it’s $2000. The man asks the owner why it’s so expensive, and the owner replies, “This is Chet, he’s a very talented parrot. Watch this.”

The owner lights a candle and holds it near Chet’s right foot. Without hesitation, Chet starts singing a beautiful rendition of Silent Night. The owner moves the candle to the left foot, and Chet starts singing Silver Bells, and it sounds just like Bing Crosby.

The man decides that Chet is well worth the price, and brings Chet home with the intent of surprising his wife at their big Christmas party.

The party gets started and people are getting quite tipsy, so the man decides it’s time to bring out his prize bird.

He tells the guests how much it cost him to get this marvelous bird, and Chet is the talk of the party, telling jokes and talking with the guests. Everyone is amazed, when the man says, “That’s not even the half of it!”

He lights a candle and holds it first near the bird’s right foot and then the left, and guests marvel at his rendition of the two Christmas classics.

Finally, one overly drunk guest grabs the candle and says, “Yeah, but what happens if you hold it near both feet?”

Chet’s eyes grow wide and he starts singing nervously, “Chet’s nuts roasting on an open fire…”

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