Christmas Joke – lady writes a letter to Santa

So this lady writes a letter to Santa and says “my husband has been disappointing me in bed. Can you help me?” Santa sends back a package of pills for him to take with a note that says “slip two of these in his dinner at night and he’ll give you the best sex you’ve ever had.” He also leaves his number and says to call if anything goes wrong.

So she gives her husband two of the pills that night and they have amazing sex.

The next night she gives him three pills and the sex is even better.

The third night, she slips him the rest of the bottle.

A few days later Santa gets a call. He answers “hello, how are those pills working for you and your husband?”

He’s surprised to hear a kids voice. He says “are you the asshole that gave my mom the pills?” Santa replies “yeah.”

The kid says “well mom’s dead, sister’s pregnant, my butthole hurts, and dad’s in the attic saying going ‘here kitty kitty.’”

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