Christmas Joke – little Jimmy runs downstairs Christmas morning

little Jimmy runs downstairs Christmas morning. He opens his presents and the last one is a giant box. In it is the brand new bike he has always wanted. You begs his parents to let him go ride it, and they say yes. So he’s out riding his bike having the time of his little life when all of a sudden a cop on a horse stops him. The cop says “Hey, did Santa get you that bike for Christmas? ” Little Jimmy excitedly says “yeah it’s the exact one I wanted!” The cop looks at Jimmy smiles and says ” well next time you should have asked Santa to get you a reflector on the bike. ” And gives little Jimmy a ticket. Jimmy thinks for a second andask the officer if Santa gave him the horse for Christmas. The cop, feeling funny, said “yeah he did.” So Jimmy looks at him and says “well next time you should ask him to put the dick under the horse instead of on top of it.”

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