Christmas Joke – Richard comes home

Richard comes home with a large bird cage to surprise his family for Christmas.

“Honey, I went to the pet store and bought a parrot like Jr. has been asking for. His owner has recently passed away but the bird is in good health. Poor bird still answers to his name, Chet. Apparently the old kook taught him some interesting tricks! If you hold a lit match near one of his legs he’ll sing a different Christmas song!”

On Christmas morning Jr. is overjoyed to receive Chet and the family lights a match and holds it near his left leg. Chet squawks and belts out “Jingle Bells. squawk Jingle Bells. squawk Jingle all the way! whistle”. Overjoyed Jr. feeds him a cracker and lights another match holding it near Chet’s right leg. “I’m dreaming whistles of a sqwhite Christmas!”. More crackers for Chet but Jr. is getting bored of hearing the same songs. The rapscallion lights two matches and holds them to the poor bird’s legs.

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