Christmas Joke – Santa, want to stay and get a special present

Santa was delivering presents, and came down the chimney to one house only to find a beautiful woman waiting in a doorway for him.

“Santa, want to stay and get a special present?”, she said, seductively.

“Ho, Ho, Ho! Gotta go, I have to deliver presents to all the good little children”, Santa responds.

She slides her top down and asks again, “Santa, are you sure you can’t stay and get a special present?”

“Ho, Ho, Ho, gotta go. I have to go and deliver the presents to all the little children.”, He responds again.

She strips completely now, “Santa, are you sure you can’t stay?”

Santa responds, “Hey, Hey, Hey, gotta stay. Can’t go up the chimney with my dick this way.”

Cheesy, but I heard it a long time ago from a friend.

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