Funny Joke – After each battle

After each battle, Napoleon would walk down and shake the hands of all his soldiers

Each time, he would ask them the same three questions:

How old are you? How long have you been serving in the army? Which of the two battles have you fought in?

One time, a new, foreign soldier did not know French and was worried about what to say to Napoleon when it was his turn.

A more experienced soldier next to him told him: “don’t worry, he asks the same questions every time. First he asks How old you are, just say 25 years. Next, he will ask how long you’ve been serving, just say 1 year. Finally, he will ask which of the two battles you’ve fought in, just say both.”

The foreign soldier was relieved, and when it was his turn, he was ready.

“How long have you been serving in the army” Napoleon asked.

“25 years, sir!”

Napoleon was surprised that such a young looking man could have served for 25 years. He asked “how old are you?”

“1 year, sir!”

Now, Napoleon was really confused.

“Either you’re crazy, or I am!”

“Both, sir!”

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