Funny Joke – An Italian father

An Italian father wants to give his son a gun for his 18th birthday

“As is tradition in Italy, I’m going to give you a gun for your 18th birthday.” The father says.

“But I don’t want a gun. What about a nice watch? I would really like a watch, like a Rolex or something.” The son replies.

“Son…” The father sighs, “This is an Italian tradition. You’re going to get a gun for your birthday.”

“I really don’t want a gun, I want a nice watch.” The son says.

“Listen.” The father says is a more serious tone, “you’re going to get older, and you’re going to marry a beautiful woman. One day you come home, walk into the living room and she isn’t there. You go into the kitchen and she isn’t there. Then you walk upstairs, to the bedroom, and you’re going to find your wife sleeping with your best friend. What are you going to do?? Point at your watch and say ‘Times up?!'”

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