Funny Joke – New IT themed restaurant

I was in a new IT themed restaurant the other day…

When I walked in I could see the place decorated like the inside of a computer. The tables looked like motherboards, the placemats looked like keyboards, and the glasses looked like giant USB sticks. The host was there to greet me and he was dressed in the usual “nerd” attire – glasses, pocket protector, etc. But something seemed off. He seemed really, really sad. I shrugged it off as he showed me to my table.

When I get to my table a waitress in glasses brings me a menu to look at. She hardly says anything to me. She actually seems even more depressed than the first guy!

After perusing the “main menu” I decide to have the fish and microchips. A waiter comes back to take my order. He’s barely listening to me. He sobs as she writes down my order, then storms away in tears. What was that all about?

Anyway 25 minutes goes by and no food arrives. 45 minutes goes by and no food arrives. An HOUR goes by and there’s no food nor a waiter in sight. Finally the manager walk by me and I grab is arm for answers.

“Hey, man! What the hell is going on? I’ve been waiting here an hour already! Where the hell is my food and why are all your staff so upset?!”

The manager replies, “I’m so very sorry, sir. All of our servers are down.”

Disclaimer: I know virtually nothing about computer hardware, etc. so I have no idea what a lot of your suggestions even mean. Lol But glad most of you guys liked the joke.

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