Funny Joke: There was once this guy on a plane

There was this guy on a plane trying to order a whisky.

He tried to get the attention of the air stewardess, but wasn’t having much luck.

Suddenly, the parrot sitting next to him leans over and squawks, “Hey you! Get me a bloomin’ whisky.”

Hurriedly, the stewardess brings the parrot back a drink, but still ignores the guy.

The parrot downs the whisky in one go and then screamed out again, “Hey you! Yes you! Bring me another whisky!”

Again, the stewardess rushes over and serves the parrot.

The guy still cannot get her attention, but he’s a bit clever and realizes where he is going wrong.

He shouts, “Hey! You! Yes you, stop being lazy and bring me a bloomin’ whisky!”

The stewardess rushes off to the back of the plane, but instead of coming back with a drink, she reappears with two burly men and points to the man and the parrot.

A minute later, whilst falling from the plane, the parrot turns to the guy and says,

“You know, for someone who can’t fly, you sure are a cheeky bugger.”

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