Funny Joke – Two Swedish police officers

Two Swedish police officers are patrolling the Norwegian border.

It’s Friday afternoon and they’re in a good mood. They’re talking about how much they look forward to going home to their wives for a nice meal and some fun in bed. But suddenly they see a man who has hanged himself from a tree.

The first officer goes, Damn it! Now we have to write a report and wait for the transport… we won’t be home until late!

The second one says, I have an idea… The Norwegian border is right over there. If we hang him from a tree on the Norwegian side it will be their problem and we’ll still be home on time. So the two officers take down the hanged man from the tree, carry him across the border, and find a tree there to hang him from. They go home to their wives.

After a while two Norwegian police officers walk by and notice the hanged man. One of them says to the other. What the hell, he’s back again!

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