Halloween Joke

Bob thought his new neighbor across the street was strange from the moment he first moved in. The new neighbor, Jack, was a dorky middle aged white man, who laughed at his own jokes, which he told repeatedly, and only talked about the stupidest stuff, which he always claimed was super popular on Reddit.

It was Halloween that solidified Jack as a character to be avoided at all cost. Bob witnessed as the neighborhood children dressed in their costumes paraded the neighborhood door to door. Jack’s house was completely undecorated, with the exception of a lonely sad looking pumpkin, but the porch light was on and children would make the rounds knocking on Jack’s door and greeting Jack with “Treat or Trick”. After seeing a few children leave Jack’s house crying, Bob watched intently to see what was going on. A child would ring Jack’s doorbell and say Trick or Treat. Jack would then stick his hand in the child’s open bag and REMOVE a piece of candy! Bob was livid at Jack for ruining this great holiday and decided to go over and give him a piece of his mind. Bob’s wife was more level headed and thought that perhaps Jack just didn’t understand the proper custom of Halloween, and urged Bob to politely explain it to Jack.

So Bob tromps across the street to Jack’s house and rings the Bell. Jack answers the door and looks to see his neighbor Bob. Bob is controlling his anger and notices that Jack has a huge bucket of candy next to the door, full of Milky Way, Rolos, Twix, Caramel Chews, and the like. Jacks looks Bob up and Down for a moment and blurts out “Where’s your candy?”

“What?!” Bob responds, being slightly caught off guard.

“You’re supposed to have candy for me!” Jack responds a little indignantly

Gathering his composure Bob begins to explain “Look Jack! That isn’t how Halloween Works! In this Country, the children dress up in costumes, knock on your door and say “Trick or Treat” then YOU are supposed to give them Candy! You are ruining everyone’s Holiday!”

Jack contemplates this for a moment then replies “But I was told there was free carmel for Cake Day”

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