Halloween Story – Trick Gone Wrong

On Halloween in 2009, two boys wanted to play a prank on the people in their neighborhood.

There was a small road that ran right next to the cemetery. They decided to climb two trees that stood opposite each other.

Then they both held eaither end of a fishing line and stretched it across the path.

When someone came walking down the path, the boys pulled the fishing line tight and it would know the hat off anyone who was passing by.

Their first victim came down the path and they pulled the fishing line. The man’s hat was knocked off and he ran away, terrified.

Pleased that their prank had worked, they decided to do it again.

They saw a tall black shadow approaching and lay in wait.

The kids got ready and when the shadow passed, they pulled on the fishing line with all their might.

Then they heard a ripping noise and saw a severed head rolling along the ground.

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