Halloween Tale – Cemetery Garlands

It was Halloween night in 2004 and a young boy was being picked on by his brother and some older kids from school.

They dared the young boy to go into the graveyard at midnight with a bunch of garlands and place one on each of the gravestones.

Not wanting them to think he was a coward, the young boy accepted the challenge. It was a moonless night and the inside of the cemetery was pitch black.

The rusty gates of the cemetery opened with a creak and the boy cautiously entered. He looks at his watch.

It was midnight. The witching hour. Clutching the garlands tightly, he made his way to the middle of the graveyard.

He was shaking with fear, but he tried to steady his nerves.

He was afraid that if he returned without completing the task, the older boys would laugh at him.

Moving slowly through the cemetery, he got the distinct feeling that someone or something was watching him. Finally, he managed to place each garland on a gravestone and his task was complete. “Well,that’s all of them”, he whispered to himself.

Just then, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder as a voice hissed “You forgot mine.”

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