Halloween Tale – The Black Diamonds

One Halloween night in 2005, a 16 year old girl named May and her friends, Irene, Kate, and Leslie, were out driving to a Halloween party outside of town. So, of course, they took the freeway.

The car was slowing down, like it was running out of gas, but the meter said it was full. May and Leslie went to check out the engine.

When they opened the hood, there was a hand. A lone bare, hand. They were so frightened they couldn’t scream. Leslie reached out to touch it then IT MOVED! This time they both screamed and Irene and Kate ran out the car screaming.

They said there was a man with his flesh torn and a missing hand in the back seat.

The girls ran and the car was chasing them slowly. May called the her parents and Irene called 911, on their cellular phones as they ran.

But when the cops and May’s parents came, all four girls were soaking in blood. Not their own blood.

The cops found a black gemstone, unidentified, in the driver’s seat . covered with blood. The girls went ahead to the party.

The address was just a vacant lot but in that vacant lot were many bloody, black, unidentified gemstones.

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