Halloween Tale – The Man In The Mask

On Halloween in 2006, my family and I went into the city because my mom had bought a car and she needed to make a car payment to the dealer. We decided to take my little sister and her friend trick or treating out there.

My mom made her payment and my sister and her friend were trick or treating. It was getting late so we decided that was enough.

We had along drive back home. We ate at a fast food burger joint and began the long drive home.

When we were on the freeway, a car was driving right next to us and the driver was wearing a mask, staring right at us.

Everybody started to get scared. He was keeping up with us and had his head turned sideways staring for about 10 minutes. Then he just turned and looked ahead and drove past us.

A year later, in 2007, I was driving home one night. Again it was Halloween. I was with my little brother whom i took trick-or-treating, we stopped to get something to eat, and we were on a freeway with LOTS of other cars. one happened to pull up beside us while we going about 60 mph. it was a guy in a ski mask he just stared at us for 10 min without even turning head! and we were going fast too! finally he turned his head and sped up past us to the next victim.

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