Here’s a Halloween joke!

Three guys run into a museum to hide from the hoard of zombies coming down the road. While looking for something to eat and drink one of the survives finds a golden lamp and out pops a genie roaring out.

“You can have three wishes. So what is the first wish?” One man says ” I want to go back to my family before the zombie apocalypse and want it to never happen” The second man says “that sounds great I wish for that too” And puff the two men were gone.

The front door of the museum just broke in with the weight of all the zombies pushing on it. Now the museum is filling up fast with zombies the genie asks the last man what he wishes for. He thinks about it quickly and says “I wish my two friends were back here to help fight off all these zombies.”

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Halloween Joke

I had the strangest visitors this halloween…