I had a blind date last night with a girl I met on a dating app – wow was she hot

I had a blind date last night with a girl I met on a dating app.

The problem was is she had no profile pic, but neither did I, and I consider myself quite handsome.

So I was concerned — What do I do if she’s really unattractive? I’ll be stuck with her all night.

Well, as it turns out, there’s an app for that.

It’s called “Mom Are You Ok”. It schedules your phone to ring just after you meet your date.

If you like him or her, you ignore the call.

If you want to cut short the date, you answer with, “Mom? What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

The description said it works every time.

So I knocked on the girl’s door. Turns out I needn’t have worried.

She was gorgeous! My eyes were in a realm of happiness like never before.

I couldn’t get over how attractive she was. Stunning beauty and supple curves.

Just as I was about to speak to her, her phone rang.

She answered it and said,

“Mom, what’s the matter? Are you okay?”

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