I had the strangest visitors this halloween…

I had the strangest visitors this halloween…
As I opened the door, there stood three men. One butt naked with only a glass jar over his pecker, one in overalls and one furiously masturbating.

After overcoming my initial shock, I asked the man in overalls what the fuck they were doing here. He replied:”hey, sweetie, wanna do it machinist‘s style?“

Naturally I had to ask what he meant by „machinist‘s style“ : „Screw, nut and bolt.“

Needles to say, I was not down for it, so I asked the second guy what he was supposed to be.

„Isn’t it obvious? I’m a firefighter. Break the glass, pull the lever and I’ll come as fast as I can“

As he was answering the third guy was already walking away, so before he was out of reach I asked him what the heck he was here for.

„I’m the tide. I just cum and go.“

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