Funny Joke – Johny’s curriculum vitae

Johny’s curriculum vitae:

Full name: John

Proverb: work is not a rabbit, does not run.

Favorite meal: the sphinx with the sour cream.

Sexual orientation: sexually disorientated.

Mental health: mentally retarded.

Previous careers: funeral undertaking, after that two years in the circus as the main brown bear, after that in the church school for two years, after this experience five years as a screw in the jail for the worst criminals with the top degree of supervision and now working for the secret services in my home country after gaining the top-secret audit.

Favorite pets: dog, bumble bee named Maxo, a butterfly named as Redwing and the lizard named as Notail

Favorite activities: washing the dishes, cutting the woods, vacuuming and playing hard rock.

Working motivation: none.

I hope that you will accept my curriculum vitae and that we will see each other soon already as new colleagues, I wish more or less. Kind regards, John

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