Joke Of The Day: She wants to open an account

One day, a raggedy looking woman carrying a large paper bag walks into the bank and asks to see the bank manager.

The receptionist is hesitant, but when she sees the large amount of cash in the bag, she escorts the lady into the manager’s office. The raggedy old lady says she’d like to open an account.

Naturally, the bank manager is extremely curious as to where this woman got all this money, so he asks her.

She replies,

“I make bets.”

He says,

“what sort of bets?”

She replies,

“for example, I’ll bet you $20,000 that your balls are square”.

He laughs and says to her,

“that’s ridiculous! I’ll take that bet!”

She agrees and tells him that because it’s a large amount of money, she’d like to bring her lawyer in the next day at 10 am and they can settle the bet.

Bank manager agrees.

All night long, he’s wondering how in the world this woman could possibly win this bet.

Next morning, she arrives with her lawyer and tells the bank manager to drop his pants so they can settle the bet.

He does.

She says,

“I have to feel them to make sure”!

He reluctantly agrees. Just then, her lawyer starts banging his head against the wall.

“What’s wrong with your lawyer?” the manager asks.

“Oh, nothing,” she answers.

“It’s just that I bet him $80,000 that I’d have a bank manager’s balls in my hand at 10 o’clock this morning.”

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