Mummy Jokes

What is it called when two mummies fart at the same time?


A mummy phones a restaurant and asks to reserve a table for the Pharaoh Sakrakhotep I.

The woman at the restaurant says, “Could you spell it out, please?”

The mummy says, “Of course: bird, two triangles, wavy line, bird again, jackal’s head, and a scarab.”

Archaeologists have uncovered a mummy in Egypt covered in nuts and chocolate.

They believe it’s Pharaoh Roche.

What do you call a male Mummy with a cold?

I’m not sure either. Sir Cough I guess.

Did you hear they found a mummy without bandages?

Archaeologists think they started the mummification process, but didn’t have time to wrap it up.

Why did the mummy get a divorce?

His wife was a ghoul-digger.
Why are mummies scared of vacation?

They’re afraid to unwind.

Why didn’t the man accept the mummy’s business proposition?

He thought it might be a pyramid scheme.

I passed my mummy embalming exam easily.

It was a no-brainer.

Why are mummies so hard for archaeologists to find?

Because they’re all kept under wraps.

What do mummies like listening to on Halloween?

Wrap music.

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