The Emperor decided he wanted to find the best samurai in the world

One day, the Emperor decided he wanted to find the best samurai in the world.

So he sent his men around the world, and they came back with three potential options:

a Japanese samurai, a Chinese samurai and a Jewish samurai.

The emperor held tryouts to see which was best.

First, he brought in the Japanese samurai.

As the Japanese samurai strode into the great Hall and approached him, the emperor pulled out a box and opened it, and from it flew out a single fruit fly.

Without hesitation, the Japanese samurai whips out his sword, shouts his battle cry and cuts the fly into two perfect halves.

Impressed, the emperor sends this samurai off.

Next, the emperor brings in the Chinese samurai.

Again, as the samurai approaches, he opens the fly box.

The Chinese samurai swings his sword and two perfect halves fall to the ground.

The emperor, impressed, sends this samurai away.

Finally, it comes time for the Jewish samurai.

As the samurai approaches, the emperor sets the fly free.

Without hesitation, the Jewish samurai swings his sword but instead of the fly falling to the ground, it lets out an “eep!” and flies away.

The emperor bursts into laughter and asks, “You can’t even kill a fly, why should I hire you?”

The Jewish samurai looks at him calmly and replies,…

“You should try circumsizing something that small!”

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