Werewolf Jokes

A man says to a werewolf, “You’re a werewolf.”

The werewolf says, “Yes, I’m awere.”

What do you call a Youtuber who is a werewolf?

A lycansubscribe.

What’s the distant cousin of the werewolf?

The way over therewolf.

What’s a werewolf’s favorite drink?


What do you call a fat Irish werewolf?


What are aging werewolf barbers most afraid of?

Silver mullets.

What is a werewolf’s favorite day of the week?


What did the werewolf say to his friends when they met?

Howl y’all doing?

I got bitten by a werewolf and I’m turning into one myself.

I think I’m lycan it so far.

What time do werewolf cowboys have a shootout?
High moon.

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