Witch Jokes

“Dad, how do you cast spells?”

“You just follow the instructions.”

“Which instructions?”

“Yeah, they’re the ones.”
What sound does a witch’s vehicle make?


Witches and wizards don’t fart.

They cast smells.

What’s the difference between a woman and a witch?

The spelling.

Where do witches bake their cookies?

In a coven.

Which illness are witches most prone to?

Crone’s disease.

How did the first witch talk to the second witch?

She cauldron the phone.

Why do witches have their names printed on their shirts?

So you can tell which witch is which.

Why do witches not wear a normal hat?

Because there’s no point in it.

Did you hear about the witch who got plastic surgery?

She looked really good afterwarts.

Why didn’t the witch ride on her broom when she was upset?

She was afraid she would fly off the handle.
What do you call a witch who goes to the beach?

A sand witch.

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